Space Shooter
C#, Unity
Single player 3D space shooter. The player controls a spaceship and must complete various objectives in order to complete each level. The player is equipped with plasma cannons, missles and allies to defeat enemy spaceships.The game uses art assets from the Unity Asset Store.
  • 3 levels each with different objectives.
  • Friendly and enemy AI ship behaviour using Finite State Machines.
  • Seeker missiles that lock onto and intercept enemy ships.
  • Capital ship turrets that lock onto targets and fire independently of ship movement.
Zombie Shooter
C#, Unity
3D first person survival game. The player has to collect 5 fuel cans to refuel a boat in order to escape the island. The player can collect weapons, health pickups and food to fend off the wandering zombies. The game uses art assets from the Unity Asset Store.
  • 3 distinct ranged weapons make up the player's arsenal: a pistol, rifle and shotgun. Ammo is hard to find on the island so these must be used sparingly.
  • An assortment of melee weapons can be found on the island. These can also be thrown at enemies as improvised ranged weapons.
  • Pies, chocolate bars and other snacks may be collected to heal the player in case they get bitten by a zombie.
  • Items and zombie locations are randomized each time the game is played.
Level Editor
Python, Blender
Level editor addon for Blender.
  • Place brushes to define rooms and automatically connect them when level is built.
  • Load Unity materials into Blender and assign them to level surfaces.
  • Import Unity prefabs into Blender to place in the level.
  • Automatic stair generation that creates clip brushes for smoother stair collision.
  • Assign triggers and trigger targets for player interaction.
Racing Game
C#, Unity
3D racing game featuring 3 race tracks, controller support and high score board. The game uses art assets from the Unity Asset Store.
Shooting Gallery
C#, Unity
3D first person shooter. Players have to shoot targets when they pop up to score points. The player can choose from 4 different weapons. Weapon accuracy depends on the player's stance, their movement speed and the weapon's recoil. The game uses art assets from the Unity Asset Store.
Stencil Creator
Stencil Creator is an application for creating stencil masks quickly. These masks are used for texturing 3d models in a program such as Substance Painter.
Paintmanager Android App
Java, Android
Paintmanager is an android app to manage a collection of model paints. The app connects to a custom REST API to sync data between devices.
Paintmanager REST API
Ruby, Sinatra
REST API to handle database interaction for the Paintmanager App and website.
Paintmanager Website
JavaScript, Angular.js, Bootstrap
Front-end web app for Paintmanager.
Ruby, Sinatra
REST API for an online portal to allow university students to buy and sell used textbooks.
A collection of JavaScript canvas experiments.